Friday, December 2, 2011

Yuletide, yueltide, merry merry Yuletide

I think when people meet me they just know I love Christmas. There's just something about me that says, "Hey, this lady likes Christmas." I mean, she really likes it.

I really do. Hence Christmas Ghosts.

The month of December is incredibly beautiful to me. The slow, soft waning of the year, the brief, chilly days and all those tremendously long nights to luxuriate in. The solstice is awesome -- who could not want to celebrate the longest night of the year? Stars look starrier, romance feels... romancier. Snow thrills me; baking does, too. And the aromas! Oranges, cloves, pine! There isn't a single thing I don't adore about the season except maybe people freaking out at shopping malls (though it is fun to get and give gifts, it isn't about how much they cost... or shouldn't be).

My gift to the world (ha! modesty!) is this little blog, wherein I shall tell you many wonderful Christmas stories, facts and tidbits. I'm a NYC tour guide and history nut, so much of this might focus on the city. But really, NYC is such a Christmasy city, isn't it? It's all good. A great deal of this site shall also be devoted to the telling of ghost stories. I find the English tradition of telling ghost stories on Christmas eve to be a lovely and fascinating one, and one I wish would catch on here. I think I'm going to try to make that happen.

So anyway, enjoy my wee little gift to you, and please do keep checking back for updates and things, as I celebrate one of my favorite times of year with you all.


Spinster Aunt

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